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Any Version of Dynamics CRM

SkypePOP works with all versions of CRM, from CRM 4 through to CRM 2016, Online and Dynamics 365. Salesforce CRM coming soon!

Lync or Skype for Business

SkypePOP integrates with Lync 2013 and Skype for Business On Premise or Online with Office 365. Microsoft Teams coming soon!

Track Phone Call Activity

SkypePOP automatically turns all incoming calls in to CRM Phone Call Activities and auto-tracks the time spent.

What is SkypePOP?

SkypePOP is a simple app to bridge the gap between Dynamics CRM and Skype for Business.

As incoming or outgoing calls are detected through your Skype for Business or Lync applications, customer information and phone call activities from CRM are automatically popped instantly on your screen.

Incoming or outgoing calls pop matching information in CRM like contact information, sales leads and phone call activities.  SkypePOP pops up the CRM windows and auto fills out a CRM phone call ctivity record with the time of the call – ready to enter notes and save.

As well as popping key information about your callers like CRM Contact, Account, System User or Sales Lead, SkypePOP actively tracks the time on the phone, writing this information back in to the CRM phone call activity when you hang up the call.

Analyzing CRM phone call activities opens up accurate reporting around how much time your team really spend on the phone.

Simplify inbound/outbound calls for your team and enforce capturing key information about your clients and suppliers.

New integrations coming soon:

Salesforce CRM

Microsoft Teams

Why SkypePOP?


  • Improve your customer experience by being prepared with CRM Contact or Account information the second a call comes in.
  • Pop up Sales Lead and Opportunity information for Sales staff to ensure you capture their updates, no excuses.
  • Increase the adoption of your CRM by automatically creating CRM Phone Call Activities.  Just add call comments and save the record.
  • Reduce the risk of data not being logged in CRM.  Ensure the call is captured by popping the activity window, ready for entering notes.
  • Build reports on phone call patterns to get a better understanding on how much time your team spend on the phone and to who.
  • Track the time your staff spend online with customers by automatically updating the call activity duration when the phone call ends.
  • Connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Skype for Business, Lync or Office 365 with one simple low cost application.
  • Options to control the way calls pop up or log the activity in your CRM system to cater for all different scenarios in your business.

Who is SkypePOP?

The team at SkypePOP are located in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand.

We have spent many years working with Microsoft business software and developing applications in this space.

We have extensive knowledge of the Dynamics CRM platform and integration with Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business solutions.

Our developers have worked with Cloud Computing technology since its inception and specialize in building software solutions to bridge the gap in complex commercial systems.

Feel free to contact our team if you have any questions about SkypePOP that our FAQ section does not cover in detail.

  • Unified Communications Experts

    Our developers have worked with Skype for Business since its beginnings in 2005 (previously Lync/OCS/LCS).  Our team are experts at integrating with Microsoft UC Products.

  • Dynamics CRM / Office 365 Experts

    We have worked with Dynamics CRM and Office 365 since the products begun.  If you want to reach out to us around CRM functionality, our team ‘get’ what you are talking about and are happy to help.

  • Clever, Motivated Team

    Our people are passionate about the technology they work on and take pride in the systems they build.  Please feel free to get in touch if you think we can make the product better in any way.

  • Future Development

    We have architected SkypePOP to be extendable using our new plug-in architecture.  We are actively working on Skype Consumer integration and then have a whole list of future business applications to integrate with.

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What others say about SkypePOP

Wendy Ross

SkypePOP automatically pops up my customer’s records before I even answer the call!  I can quickly scan the last activity and know exactly where I am at with them before I’ve even said Hello!

Wendy RossDirectorNetwealth Insurance
Colin Williams

SkypePOP has helped us secure CRM and Skype for Business hosting deals by providing the missing link between these applications.

Colin WilliamsGeneral ManagerLucidity Cloud Services
Ulysses Maclaren

SkypePop helps us at SSW by saving the receptionist and sales staff a lot of time. Both of them can now go into business calls well prepared by seeing the recent conversations, current opportunities, and main contact detail/notes before even picking up the phone.

Ulysses MaclarenGeneral ManagerSSW

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