Where can I find an instruction manual for SkypePOP?

You can download the latest instructions for SkypePOP here – SkypePOP Guide

Can I try SkypePOP before I buy?

Absolutely.  The version you download runs for 5 hours or 5 incoming calls (whichever comes first).  This allows you to try SkypePOP in your organization and test the different configuration options to suit your needs.

When you are happy SkypePOP does what you need it to do, you can place an online order through our website and we will automatically email you a key to enter in to the application.  Once you enter and Activate the license key, you are done, running a full version with no limitations.

How much does SkypePOP cost?

SkypePOP retails for $49.95 USD per user/computer and includes the first year maintenance and updates.

The renewal for maintenance and updates is 20% of the purchase price per annum.

What versions of Lync and Skype for Business does SkypePOP work with?

SkypePOP works with all versions of Lync and Skype for Business from Lync 2010 right through to Skype for Business 2016 and Skype for Business through Office 365.

When SkypePOP opens, it defaults to Lync 2013/Skype for Business mode, but this can be changed in the plugins window.  You can access the plugins windows by holding down CTRL when you right click on the SkypePOP tray icon.

SkypePOP works with all versions of Windows / Windows Server from Windows 7.0 onwards.

What versions of CRM are supported by SkypePOP?

SkypePOP supports all versions of Dynamics CRM from Version 4.0 through to the latest CRM 2016 On Premise and CRM 365 and Online Products.

Again, SkypePOP defaults to the modern versions of CRM based on the CRM 2011 architecture but you can also use the plugins window to change to using the older CRM 4.0 if required.

How do I setup SkypePOP to use my Lync or Skype for Business connection?

SkypePOP is very easy to configure.  If you are running a modern version of Lync or Skype for Business, the connection with this product is automatic.  If you have Lync or Skype for Business open when you run SkypePOP, it will automatically detect the connection and connect.  Clicking on the SkypePOP tray icon, you should see if the Skype for Business connection is active (blue icon) or inactive (red icon).

If Lync or Skype for Business is closed when you open SkypePOP and then you open the application, it can take 20-30 seconds for SkypePOP to register that you have opened and reconnect again.

There is no configuration required to connect to Lync or Skype for Business.  As long as you have the client installed and signed in, SkypePOP will detect the connection.

How do I set up SkypePOP to connect to my CRM Instance?

SkypePOP needs to know some basic information about your CRM Instance so it can connect on your behalf and access all the phone numbers and email addresses of your CRM Contacts, Accounts, Leads and System Users.

When you first open SkypePOP, you will be prompted that it can’t connect to CRM.  This is because we need to configure the application with your CRM credentials.

There are many different ways that CRM can be deployed depending on if you are using Online or an On Premise version.  The best steps to getting the details to connect to CRM are as follows:

  1. Sign in to your CRM through a web browser.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Customizations and then open the Developer Resources item.
  3. You want to note the Discovery Service address.  This is the address you need, along with your Username and Password to enter in SkypePOP.
    There is also a Microsoft Guide on which Discovery Service address to use with CRM Online in different parts of the world.  The link for this is below:
  4. One you know your Discovery URL Address, open SkypePOP and click on Connection Details to open the SkypePOP Connections window.
  5. Click on the Dynamics CRM tab and enter your CRM Discovery URL, Username and Password.  Click on the Organization drop down to select the CRM Instance you want to use and then press OK to save.
  6. SkypePOP will now connect to your CRM instance.  With Skype for Business already connected, you are now ready to receive calls.

What control do I have over what CRM records get ‘popped’?

Over the years, SkypePOP has taken on board customer feedback of what CRM information should be available to pop when a call comes in.

SkypePOP allows you to select between CRM Contacts, Accounts, Leads and System User entities (or any combination of).

If an unknown call comes in, you have the option to pop a new empty CRM record to capture the data in to.

If a call comes in that matches multiple different CRM records, you are prompted with a Multi Select window where you can clearly choose the record that you are interested in.

SkypePOP also gives you control over popping CRM Phone Call Activity records and can write the start and end times to the activity so you can keep a track of the time you spend on calls with customers and suppliers.

What fields does SkypePOP search in for number matching?

In the Contact entity it searches:


In the Account entity:

Telephone 1
Address1:Telephone 1

In the User entity:


In the Lead entity:


Can I test SkypePOP’s functionality without having to make incoming calls?

Yes, SkypePOP has a Call Simulator function that allows you to simulate incoming calls from either phone number or sip/email address.

To enable the feature for testing, follow the steps below:

Right Click on SkypePOP icon while holding down CTRL key and select Plugins

From the SkypePOP Plugins window, expand the Other section and enable Call Simulator and Form Pop

Click OK to save the plugin settings

Completely Close and Open SkypePOP (exit and restart).

With SkypePOP restarted and connected, you go in to the Preferences section.
You should see an additional tab in the Preferences area now called Call Simulator.

Click on this tab and press the Show Call Simulator now… button

This launches the Simulator window, in here you can put in phone numbers and/or sip/email addresses and initiate an Incoming Call.

Numbers and/or email addresses you put in to the Remote User section of the simulator form will be passed through the SkypePOP matching logic like an incoming Skype for Business call would trigger.

Does SkypePOP support the consumer version of Skype?

The SkypePOP development team are in the middle of testing connectivity to the consumer version of Skype Desktop for Windows.

There has been industry uncertainty around what Skype versions Microsoft will support third party access for and the implementation of Skype connectivity in to the Windows 10 native messaging application.  SkypePOP are testing different scenarios at the moment and hope to bring you this new feature in Q3/Q4 2017.

Can SkypePOP support other CRM systems besides Dynamics CRM?

Our SkypePOP development team are actively looking at other CRM systems like Salesforce.com and Sugar CRM.  Version 3 of SkypePOP was designed in a way that allows us to create ‘Plugins’ to the system so we can deliver extended integration in to other systems in the future.

The next plugin we are working on is Salesforce.com.  Register your interest in SkypePOP and Salesforce.com and we will keep you up to date when we release the plugin.

Does SkypePOP have logging?

Yes, you can view SkypePOP’s event log by right clicking on the SkypePOP tray icon while holding down the CTRL key and selecting Log

You can see a log of SkypePOP’s events since the application started.

Can I control what functionality a user can change within SkypePOP?

Yes.  We have recently added the ability to lock certain windows within the SkypePOP application from being modified by implementing a series of Registry keys in the Users profile.  Using Login Scripts or other Enterprise management tools, system administrators can lock certain aspects of the user interface so users can’t change settings.

How do I get support with SkypePOP?

If you have any questions or queries about SkypePOP or you have an issue getting things connected, log a ticket through the website and our Support Team will gladly help you get sorted.

If you haven’t registered already, sign up to the site and then you can log a ticket here.

I am a CRM/UC Systems Integrator. Do you have a reseller model?

Yes we do.  Please contact us directly and we can discuss reseller options and volume breaks.

Does SkypePOP support Remote Desktop Services?

Yes, SkypePOP has been designed to support terminal services / remote desktop.

The users settings are stored within the users profile (that can be roamed between terminal servers).

Enterprise configuration of SkypePOP is manipulated through the CURRENT_USER part of the Windows Registry so configuration can be set through login scripts.

The application is licensed against the LOCAL COMPUTER NAME\USERNAME on a stand alone PC and by DOMAIN\USERNAME on an Active Directory domain so one license will work for the same user across multiple terminal servers in a terminal server farm implementation.

What’s changed in the new version of SkypePOP?

Information about SkypePOP Version History and links to the latest downloads is available here.

Can I change how SkypePOP looks for numbers?

As of v3.30, we have introduced a new Search tab in the preferences window.  The initial search options allow you to adjust the prefix and suffix length during the SkypePOP search process.  SkypePOP uses multiple filters to get the best number matches in your CRM/ERP system.  Depending on the number format in your country and the way you store numbers in your system, you can now adjust these searches to better suit your requirements.

For example, if you have 7 digit phone numbers in your region plus 1 digit area codes, you could set the Prefix length to 0 (to ignore) and the Suffix length to 8 to look at the last 8 digits of the phone number for a match.

eg: incoming number +64 9 123 4567 – SkypePOP would match 91234567 against your CRM system.

SkypePOP Guides and Videos

Click here to download the latest SkypePOP Guide