3.30 – 15/10/2018 – Download

  • Added a Search tab to preferences and the ability to set the Prefix and Suffix search lengths
    Values default to 3 digits for prefix length and 4 digits for suffix length, but these can be adjusted to suit the number format in your country, CRM and Skype for Business deployment.


3.29 – 28/04/2018 – Download

  • Added Parent Account name after the Contact name for a CRM Contact record if a Parent exists
  • Fixed a bug that could cause email addresses not to display on the multi notification window


3.28 – 23/04/2018 – Download

  • Fixed a bug with applying registry overrides on a new installation not saving back to Settings file
  • Fixed a bug where Toast Notifications over 64 characters would create an error in the log
  • Updated Lync Model reference to latest available – 15.0.4603.1000
  • Added additional logging around failed connections to Skype for Business where locked down environments could block access to certain registry keys


3.27 – 22/02/2018

  • Compiled against Microsoft .NET 4.6.2 to handle TLS updated policy for Microsoft Online’s 1st March 2018 TLS changes
  • Updated to use Microsoft CRM SDK v9.0 to ensure compatibility with the new version 9+ CRM Online instances.


3.26 – 10/01/2018

  • Added CRM Connection String (CRM Tooling) method of connection to cater for Multi Factor Authentication with CRM Online
  • Updated License Check mechanism to support TLS 1.2